Trive Academy developed Decentralized Application to track Ministers’ Assets. Malaysian can now benefit to access Ministers’ Assets on a public blockchain. The data is available on TRVC App which can be accessed anywhere and anytime with your gadgets.

The number of Trivechain ledger in the whole world is more than 300 copies. Which make it independent only on a single truth. Blockchain provides integrity when everything is archived and authorized in a decentralized way. The system ensures that data is carried out and processed in a reliable and transparent manner.

When the data is blockchain, the data is immutable which cannot be changed by any third party which increase its security

Trivechain technology helps the community to reduce their time to search for Ministers’ Asset online when they can just search everything in one app called Trive App. Besides, Trive App also helps the government body to track their own assets and protect themselves from any frauds since blockchain data cannot be changed due to its security system.

Blockchain technology also can be implemented on the Prison System. The prisoners’ data can be blockchain and make it accessible on a public blockchain. The data includes their transfer in and out of the prison and their crimes record. This can help the employer to ensure that their future employees’ crime history if there is any.

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Article by: Zumi

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